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Happy BDay Troy
"You might end up miserable and wealthy, we all know what happens then: midgets, booze, Vegas, blackouts...rolling blackouts."
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Happy B'day ^^
One last arrow... One last spell... One last blessing. Let my enemies come, they will all meet the same fate by my hands and those who stand by me.

"I am the hand that strikes from the darkness, the shadow that shakes even the steadiest of hearts. Neither Light nor Dark dictate my path, for only the Force shows me the way. I am Sith, I am Lord Morigan Starfaller."

"He's not a mage at level 20, he's just some guy running around in the woods running into tree's yelling magic missiles." ~ Guild Chat Randomness
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Originally Posted by Sputt
I'll make sure to have the gods give you only nice people to deal with at work today!
So far so good They found out it's my bday and derailed a thread for a party

Thanks all for your kind wishes. I feel so lurved.

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Happy Birthday Troy and you work?? SS or it didnt happen :P hope you have a great day and dont have to work to much
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First Mate!
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Happy Birthday
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Its not easy being green
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Happy Birthday Troy
Pain heals
Chicks dig scars
Glory Lasts Forever

Its Covington's Fault
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The Big B...
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Happy Birthday TK!
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