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Who are the Amicus Founders?
These are people who have been around for a loooooong time and have been instrumental in what Amicus has become today.

Who are the officers?
You can find the complete list of Leaders here. This team make decisions as a whole based on votes and consensus. But if there is a dispute among the Officers, the Guild Leaders have the ultimate say in the decision.

Can I expect help with quests, items acquisition and so forth from other members?
Our philosophy is that we as a whole help each other out as much as possible. But no, you cannot "expect" other members to drop everything they are doing in game to help you. If you need help with something, make a post in the forum to ask for help and schedule a time. Most of the members will try to be there to help you if needed. It's bad to ask help in game because more often than not people are in the middle of something. It's always best to post in the forums and schedule in advance.

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