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» 6.2 is here!
Jun 18, 2015 - 7:52 AM - by Kalagrim

Patch 6.2: Fury of Hellfire is officially out!

For more information and the official trailer, hit up the official site below.

A Few highlights:
  • Timewalking
  • Tanaan Jungle
  • Lots of new pets
  • Pre-Flying Achievement
  • Shipyard
  • Hellfire Citadel Raid

Patch Notes:

Original Source:
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» Flying coming after 6.2
Jun 11, 2015 - 12:36 PM - by Kalagrim

As reported by Kascade in the member forums:

Flying will be coming to Draenor in a small post 6.2 patch. Players will have to earn an achievement which will unlock flying on all of your level 90+ characters.

The achievement itself will reward the Soaring Skyterror mount as of 6.2, and flying itself will be unlocked for those with the achievement in a follow up patch.

The achievement requires the following (so you can get a head start):
  • Explore Draenor
  • Treasure Hunter (100 treasures of Draenor)
  • Loremaster of Draenor (Quest achievements)
  • Securing Draenor (Bonus Objectives for all zones)
  • Revered reputation with The Saberstalkers, Order of the Awakened, and Vol'jin's Headhunters.

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» Patch 6.2 on PTR
Apr 14, 2015 - 8:47 AM - by Kalagrim
Patch 6.2 is now available on the PTR. Highlights include:
  • Access to Tanaan Jungle
  • New Shipyard Building for your garrison
  • Hellfire Citadel Raid
  • New Mythic difficulty for 5 man dungeons
  • Timewalking (see link below)

For the whole list see Blizzard's post:


Blizzard has unveiled another feature of 6.2 today:

In Patch 6.2, we’re introducing seven different weekend events that will run from noon Friday through noon Monday every week. Two of those events will be Timewalking weekends, in which you’ll be able to queue up for a randomly selected old-school dungeon with a new sort of “heroic” difficulty: When you Timewalk these dungeons, you’ll find that your character’s power and gear has been scaled down to a fraction of what they normally are. For the first time in years, some dungeons you outgrew long ago will once more put your skills to the test.

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